play-button 06:26

BBC Size Queen

I am going to get some big black dick tonight. Thats right. I am going to get fucked by a throbbing, huge, veiny black cock. It is going to stretch me out and feel so good. I am such a size queen. You could never be a bbc. Your cock is insignificant to me. Only large black cocks matter. Listen to your size queen brag.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:04

Punishing The Playboy

Hi playboy, you will never have me again. Take one last look at this tight pussy and firm breasts, this is gonna be the last time you see them. I whip you and start face fucking you with a dildo. "You want to be a playboy huh? Treat girls like shit? You are nothing" You really fucked up so now I am going to fuck you. What do you think your friends and family will think when I tell them I fucked your ass and then made you suck it off my strap on. Or maybe Ill tell them how I made you wear diapers and use them. You really need to be taught a lesson playboy. Enjoy my blackmail humiliation!

humiliation nude femdom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 05:43

Using My Cock And Muscles Against You

Remember when I wore these in Miami? Check out my muscles, I know you remember rubbing them. Lets take a walk down memory lane and involve my dildo this time. Open up and submit again leg humper.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 18:53

Credit Card Curves

Today I want to max out your credit card. I want you jerking off and sending me tips through out this entire tease. I want you pushing me to the top 10 on every website with your tributes. You want what is best for your goddess and she deserves to be #1 to you and to every one else. Drool over my curves and weaken as you send $100 towards my next vacation. You know I belong traveling the world in style. Jerk faster as I bend and spread my ass cheeks, your brain turns to mush. You send more for the fabulous outfits I need to be dressed in while traveling and standing at the #1 spot on all sites. Your goddesses curves are all that matter now, my success is all that makes your dick hard. I count you down as you hold your credit card in your hand. I want it maxed out and covered in cum.

jerk off instruction topless Ass Tease JOI Findom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 10:19

Worship Princess Feet

You are at the foot of my bed, staring up at my gorgeous princess feet. You are right where you belong. Kiss my soles. Good boy, you like being a good boy. Lick my soles and arches from heel to toe. Good boy. Suck on my toes now. Mmm, you love the taste of my toe jam. Its sweet and your mouth immediately waters. These are princess feet. They are delicate and meant to be worshipped. I allow you to rub the outside of your pants while enjoying my perfect feet. I laugh at how youll have a cum stain all day and it will be from my feet.

foot fetish Soles Foot Smother

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:31

Red Light Green Light JOI Game

Its time to play a fun jerk off game, red light green light. Red means stop jerking, green means jerk. It is a simple game with a sexy tease provided from Goddess Lindsey. This is not just a fun jerk game but a great way to practice edging. (another one of my favorite things to do to you) Hands on, hands off training provides many different feelings in your body. I want to see what I do to yours.

jerk off instruction Ass Tease JOI edging

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 05:59

Cheat On Your Wife

The time has come. The opportunity has presented itself. Will you cheat on your wife with your mistress? You only get 5 minutes to ruin your marriage forever. Once you are inside me you've broken a vow and disappointed everyone you love. Fucking me is going to completely change your life. Every man cheats, no man loves his wife enough to not fuck me once. Cum for your home wrecking.

Homewrecker Pussy Dildo Fucking Pov Sex

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 16:48

3 Alphas 1 Cuck

This month I have been away from my alpha in LA. He understands that his girl has needs and gives me one play date a week. I found a sexy stud this week to fuck and it was glorious. I mean look at this guy while you jerk your cock. I proceed to tease you and tell you how you will be serving me in June. I want to go back to LA to visit my main alpha and I want you to pay for it so send a cuck tribute/tip right now. Here is some encouragement, videos of my man and I playing. After you see the 2 men you must satisfy I dirty talk to you about the services youll provide in the next month. You want to be a good cuck, clean up after my 2 men.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 01:19

Crush Stripper

play-button 04:18

Punishment Foot Slaps

How come your morning chores are not done? Why am I awake before you? I am the goddess not you. You dont get to s l e e p in. I am going to slap and gag you with my feet until you wake the fuck up!

foot fetish Soles

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 15:50

Your First Prostate Milking

I take you back home for play when you find out that I am a dominatrix for a living. I have been wanting to play and tease a mans prostate lately, yours. I have done it many times before and I consider myself a professional prostate milker. I want yours next. Since this is the first time that your played with your ass I will let you start. Listen to my instructions and get your asshole nice and wet. I encourage you telling you it feels good and its something every man should do at least once. I show you how to massage and you begin to feel horny and see your cock rise. I then spit on my fingers and slowly slide them into you. I want to feel you from the inside and be one, dont you want that too?

jerk off instruction

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:10

Human Furniture Training

Welcome back butt bitch, are you ready for your training today? I am in need of some new furniture, obedient furniture, are you up for the task? Lets begin. You start talking which irritates me and causes me to verbally degrade you. You think I want loud furniture? or to sit on a gag ball because you wont stop asking questions? Nope, fall in line or Ill put you back in your cage where you belong. Now get on all fours!

humiliation ass worship femdom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 10:29

Your Morning Milking

Its time to wake up.. I wrap my oiled hands around your cock and begin stroking. It takes a few seconds before you realize I am topless and teasing you with my tits. You have a big day ahead so I want to make sure I take every drop from you so you can be focused. I pump faster, slower, just the tip, with both hands, with one all while you sit back and take it. I am going to edge you until I decide its time to drain you. I apply more oil and begin telling you what we will be doing today, what I am looking for out of you. It becomes clear I want you as my play toy to use which causes you to become your weakest and squirt.

topless Handjob

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 11:27

Semen Sucker CEI

My semen sucker is back, this faggy just can not get enough. I do enjoy harassing him for being gay and loving the taste of cum. I love giving different scenarios and watching him twitch around with excitement. He loves playing with himself and his cum. I really do enjoy feeding him loads daily like how it should be. Every time he masturbates I want him eating his cum.

CEI femdom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 02:20

Camcon "So Far" Video Exclusive

Hi guys, here is a Camcon "so far video". Haha. I still have 2 more days of the convention and then the weekend with my girlfriends in Miami. I am one lucky girl! Though I have been busy drinking, socializing and smoking cannabis at the cannabis convention that is also in town, I am making time for you! After all without you all this would not be possible. See my hotel room, me dancing at a party, random boobs and great views all in 2 min. Wish you were here!! LL

Stalker Views

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:13

Teasing My Little Brother With Pussy

I find you in the living room again being a geek and it dawns on me that you are probably still a virgin. After teasing and making fun of you I finally agree to help you out. As your older sister if you haven't seen a thong before its my job to show you. Same goes for pussy and asshole. You need to know how to pleasure these areas. You need to know what to do when the time comes. I pull my dress up and begin to explain to you everything you will ever need to know about a woman's ass.

ass worship Ass Tease JOI Pussy Worship Pussy Role Play

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 11:03

Legs Overhead CEI

My desperate cum eater is back for more training and this time he wants to be humiliated. I can think of no better way than to have you d r i n k your cum with your legs over your head. This bikini shows my curves beautifully and leaves you weak. I encourage you to stroke and eat your cum like a good boy for me. You stroke, taste, stroke and find yourself wanting to eat your cum me. I show you how to properly humiliate yourself.

CEI femdom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 05:18

Punishment Spanks

You are late coming to serve me from work again and it is time for you to be punished. I have numerous chores, hours of work and I am starving. You have not managed to complete one thing for me today because of your stupid job. Your job is also to serve me and help me succeed. I do not want any more excuses, you are going to be working overtime for me. I want you up all night until I am satisfied, work all week after your shift. If you want to serve me I am your main focus.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:25

Lick My Club Heels And Jerk Off

I have been wearing these heels out a lot lately. They have had drinks spilled on them. There are scuffs and scratches all over. The bottoms are covered in dirt. This is a lethal combination for you foot boy. On your knees, tongue out and listen up, you are my foot bitch. I encourage you to stroke while polishing my heels and toes and opportunity you are thankful for immediately. I like you pumping and weak. I want to see the submission in your eyes before you explode for my black high heels.

jerk off instruction foot fetish femdom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:13

Locked For Being A Jerk Off

You have an obsession with your cock, one I plan to possess for myself. You can not help but jerk off multiple times a day and I will take back the power your urges have over you. I kick you in the balls and you hit the ground. This may be our first session but I know your type. The type that just wants to get off, who's loads have become meaningless. I am going to take complete control over your cock. I will decide when you can get hard, stroke and ejaculate. I am now the most important woman in your life. Beg for your release bitch!

Chastity femdom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:14

Lindseys Armpit Licker

It is time for a tasty treat, my armpit. I know you have been dying to lick my pits for days now. My armpit hair is stubbly and ripe for the licking. The scent has not deodorant and is only my natural body oils. This quick joi is just for you pit licker!


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:13

Getting Off By Cuckolding You

The title explains itself. I am getting myself off thinking about my handsome alpha boyfriend. You can be his stand in, maybe, but you need to see what I like first. You need to accept your place as a toy first. I want you to hear what he does to me and watch my cum drip out.

Cuckolding Vibrator Dildo Fucking

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:15

Fag Palace

Your dream has finally come true faggy, a week in my palace surrounded by dick. I have called over all my guy friends and placed numerous ads in the paper and online offering you up. I want all your holes filled, stretched and ruined. I want to dehumanize you this week until there is nothing left. Put on your crotchless panties and my bikini top, I want you to look slutty. This week is your time to shine. How much dick are you going to take for your queen?

topless Bisexual Training

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 06:39

Mommies Baby Boy

Mommy is back and pushing your limits even further. I want you to be my baby. Sucking a pacifier, using a diaper and letting me change you. Mommy always knows whats best for her son, come suck on mommies titties. "I am going to take care of you and take complete control baby" I say it over and over like a nursery rhyme. I want your potty privileges to be up to me. I want that ass to belong to me. Dont you want to be a good boy for mommy?

topless Adult Baby

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 03:00

Savage Spring

Have you ever seen the movie 'Basic Instinct' with Sharon Stone? I am about to do it my way. Listen as I explain how single and free I live my life. These boys will never have me, I cant wait to run through them. I cant wait to tell you all about it. I can not wait to make so much money, travel and be happy as ever. Listen and learn to support my lifestyle.

brat girls Pussy

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 12:26

Milked 2 Times In One Session

In this JOI session I push you to cum two times. Think you can bust in 12 minutes, twice? I bet you can! Lets start with a quick shoot orgasm and edge the rest of the time to a complete and satisfying orgasm. I want you completely drained and exhausted after your milking.

jerk off instruction Ass Tease JOI

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 14:30

Sweaty Feet JOI

Another day, another gym work out. Today I didn't go so "hard" but I did wear NO socks. Hold for applause. I did a 60 minute full body work out with no socks on! *applause. These shoes are breathable but not too much so the scent from my feet is still locked in. I make sure to tell you all about how my feet smell like vinegar and my pussy smells of sour sweat. I even show you the lines of sweat pooled in my sports bra. Do not get confused, this is no sweaty, up close, gross clip. This clip is about me showing off the goddess mist that I have developed on my body. Enjoy the show, get your tongue and nose ready!

foot fetish Soles Toe Wiggling Foot Smother

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 03:13

Dancing To Danrell

Danrell is my new favorite music on Spotify right now, check him out if you like this video because the rest of his music is good. I sensually dance to one of my favorite songs of his, “Hostage”. You can tell I used to be a trained dancer in this clip but mainly you should focus on how my curves move.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 02:49

TR Photoshoot

play-button 02:04

Tony jerry shoot