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CEI For Denim and Stripper Heels

In this custom video I show off my jeans, ass, stripper heels and humiliate you for liking the taste of cum. I know his weakness is my denim, followed by my stripper heels, followed by my ass and then boom he wants to eat his own cum. I make it clear that is what my intentions are, to feed him his cum. I use all the tricks in my book to make him submit. Watch as I encourage as much faggot behavior as possible. I overlay cum eating scenes so you can practice, but on his face.

CEI femdom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:03

LL Foot Submission

It is no secret that you have a foot fetish. I know that you crave feet. You enjoy licking, seeing, touching and sucking feet. Especially my feet. You have been a follower of mine for a decade. I am the reason you have a foot fetish at all. I want you to use your mouth to pamper my feet until they are satisfied. I encourage you to stroke faster while licking between my toes. Savor all the dirt while I take some quick photos of you. Jerk your cock for me foot boy.

foot fetish Soles Toe Wiggling Foot Smother

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:26

Do My Homework Foot Boy

Thanks for buying this outfit and heels for me foot boy. I felt so sexy walking around school today, but my feet are super smelly. These Louboutin heels are tight and certainly got stretched as I sweat. So I wore the outfit, I wore the shoes, I got my feet sweaty, now it is your turn. Where is my homework? I am impressed with you really giving 110% knowing that I find you so gross. After you had over my assignments I tell you to jerk off while licking my stinky feet. I encourage you to cum and ask for more assignments. This furthers my greedy agenda to be absolutely spoiled, pampered and graduate. Any time you want these feet you will need to dress me, lick my feet clean and do my homework. I begin to count you down, will you make it until the end?

jerk off instruction foot fetish Soles Toe Wiggling Foot Smother

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:32

Lindseys Asshole Licking Bitch

Its no secret you have an oral fetish, lets put it to use on my holes. Watch me ass shake, twerk, spread my cheeks and slowly strip down before letting you get to work. Up close views of my tight holes as they leak onto your tongue. Dig your tongue deep into my holes and never forget the taste of me. I spread my pussy exposing the pink and encouraging you to please me. Get me moaning and maybe Ill stop calling you a bitch.. deeper.. deeper asshole licker!

ass worship Ass Tease JOI nude Ass Smother femdom Pussy Anal

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:16

Daddys Naughty School Girl

You recently enrolled me in a new "Hoe-School" to educate me. I love all the new techniques I am learned. Seducing men has never been so pleasurable. Do you want to know what the taught me today? I learned a new strip tease finger bang for daddy, can I show you? Wearing my school girl uniform I slowly strip and expose myself for you Daddy. I begin fingering myself deeply and moaning for you. Watch my show Daddy and tell me if I am a good naughty school girl for you.

school theme topless nude Role Play Fingering

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 14:47

Striptease Edging

This clip will test your cock endurance, how long will you last? This is 15 minutes of a sensual tease. I remove one article of clothing and another. I bend and crawl my way back into them before you realize what has happened. I want you right on the edge. I want a huge load and I will get it. I am know your cock throbs for..

topless edging nude striptease

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 02:28

Jan 2019 - Love And Seduction Show

In January 2019 I attended the Love and Seduction Show in Montreal Canada. This is a look inside the show, the booths and the fabulous outfits I wore.

Live Show

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:36

Eat My Creamy Cum

In this clip I get real creamy. If you like white cum, cream pies and cum oozing out of tight vaginas this is the clip for you. I begin gentle only to end fucking myself harder. I can feel my cum deep inside wanting to burst out and trickle down to my asshole. *Up close pussy, dildo insertion and cum dripping.

Dildo In Clip Dildo Fucking

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:30

star trek bj executrix nurse

You awake to discover you are at the enterprise. You think you are safe, little do you know so of the medical staff has been paid off. I walk into your room and explain that you are not safe, the doctor plans to k i l l you. You will die. As a supporter of your troops I cant let you die without rewarding you for your service. I begin to strip down and expose myself, you deserve one last look. I begin sucking your dick, between the blow job and medicine in your system you feel euphoric. I cant stay long and suck faster. You explode in my mouth, we cant let anyone find out what happened here. I quickly put my clothes on, my ass is the last thing you see before the doctor comes in and takes your last breathe.

Executrix Dildo In Clip striptease blowjob Cosplay

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:45

latex oil pussy joi

This is going to be extremely hard for you, watching me shine myself. I want you to jerk...wait there is a catch, you must wait until I say to cum. I am not going to make this easy. I shine my liquid stockings first, then my pussy and feet. Jerk your cock with me oil, go ahead, make it more agonizing. I showcase my pussy, spread her lips and taunt you. How easy this is going to be for me and how hard it will be for you to last. I know what makes you tick and I am about to exploit it until you can not take it anymore.

topless pantyhose nude

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 10:41

Bikini Girl Eating Chips

Custom Clip- I would like you to please wear a bikini and eat a bag of snacks for it, my fetish is watching women eat. I'd like you to gently humiliate me about that, maybe point out how silly and weird it is that seeing you eat is getting me so hard. Maybe even do a couple exaggerated moans of pleasure when you eat them, and laugh a little at how I'm probably blushing.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 29:53

Cam Peep Show

This is a video from my live feed on Saturday. I had a ton of fun teasing my live cam fans. If you didn't make it, here is your chance to catch up on me.

cock tease ass worship

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 12:42

The Virgin Fuck

It's time to lose your virginity. You are lucky to be giving your virginity to me. Once we are one you will always be mine. I want you to watch me pleasure myself before you join in. Watch and learn what I like.Fuck me virgin, give me your innocence. * Topless

topless Pov Sex

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 04:52

Leather Glove HJ - Angle 2

There is nothing more I enjoy than the moment I fully own a man. Watch it happen in this scene. I f o r c e my slave to endure a lotion filled hand job while I talk dirty to him. Multiple times he begs to cum with no release. Applying more and more lotion to my leather gloves I leave his cock throbbing. He begins to drip which only furthers my need to drain him. I count him down until I humiliate him by instructing him to finish himself off and eat his cum for me. The hand job was reward enough for this slave. He pumps, whines and begs his goddess to cum. I will not let him cum until he begs to eat it for me.

leather Handjob

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 03:03

BTS Montreal Photo Shoot

Check me out modeling. Take an exclusive look at what is it like to be on set with me. Enjoy this erotic nude tease filled with laughs and up close leg spread views.

topless nude

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 10:47

Topless Foot Queen Knights You

Goddess is taking applications for a #1 foot slave. This clip is only for the advanced. You will be allowed to worship my amazing body, my beautiful naked breasts, and of course my perfect feet, as I describe to you what is required for complete devotion. In this sensual foot worship clip your Queen is looking for a right hand foot slave. You’ve bought my clips, and visited my cam room, but now you must take it a step further. Your Queen is looking for complete devotion. Fall to your knees, begin to stoke, and repeat after me…'Please my Queen, I dedicate my life to you’, ‘Please my Queen, I will follow you always’ Are you devoted enough? Do you have what it takes to be my #1? Prove your worth.

foot fetish Soles topless femdom POV

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 05:48

Topless Twinkle Toes

Another amazing vid for all my foot lovers out there. You are beneath my perfect feet, exactly where you belong. Always knowing your place. You are again weak for me, these sexy toes own you. You are a pathetic foot boy who will stroke and submit. Pump and repeat after me ‘I adore Goddess Lindsey’s feet’, ‘I am owned by Goddess Lindseys feet’, ‘I stroke for Goddess Lindsey’s perfect feet’. Now stop stroking and go buy another clip, this is just a warm up.

foot fetish Soles topless

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

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In this extremely hot custom request (custom name used) Mommy Lindsey cuckolds and pimps out her son to some BBC. It’s time to start paying Mommy rent. And what’s your #1 skill? That’s right, sucking and taking dick like a good sissy whore. So Mommy is gonna teach you how to be her #1 whore and start servicing BBC’s and bringing Mommy home the rent money. It’s time for you to start paying your fair share. The first few BBC’s are in the next room - it’s time to start earning Mommy her money. Let them do whatever they want to you. They have paid good money. Now go be a good whore for Mommy and service those BBC’s. ** EROTIC FULL NUDE IN CLIP

topless Bisexual Training nude femdom Sissification

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

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SPH Uncut

Today I humiliate another cock. I was unimpressed right from the start with Ronald's cock. Ronald's flaccid, droopy, wonky, uncut cock (ewww) makes me sad, and gets 2 big thumbs down. To sum it up, Un-fuckable. You may only use this sub par dick to jerk to my clips, nothing else. Please do not disappoint another woman with that thing.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:37

Titty Licker

It is a true honor to lick, kiss, touch and fuck my titties. Being my titty flicker is a full time job.

Tits topless tit worship

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:59

Viagra Spike

My fan-slave has flown in to see me, how jealous are you right now? We meet in the lobby to catch up and have some drinks before heading up to the posh hotel room. I tell him to grab our drinks, put on his mask and meet me nude immediately. I can tell he is in agony from needing to use the washroom but I do not care. He begs before I let him exit, I have a plan. I take out some dick enhancement pills and drop them into his drink. When he arrives his drink is bubbling but he does not ask questions. I grab my funnel and explain to him Ive spiked his drink and to trust me. He agrees as I shove a funnel into his mouth. "Drink up and tell me what you taste, its not just beer". He chugs down the beverage before I tell him what Ive done to it. He is in for a highly erotic session. Would you mind me spiking your drink?

humiliation goddess worship Tits fantasy topless cock tease tit worship femdom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 11:56

Every Fetish In One

A clip to answer this question: what would happen if I truly gave in? If I just let go and surrendered all control, did whatever You asked, poured out all my secrets and slutty sissy loser fantasies to a Goddess fully aware of the degree to which I crave abuse? First You’d lure me in and dress me up: panties, bras, heels, then full outfits, all super girly and slutty, makeup and wigs, getting on cam for Goddess and entertaining You, addicting myself to the sight of You laughing at me. Then come the dildos, plugs, slut training, CEI, maybe even chastity, all before the true descent: harsher and more degrading loser humiliation, loser apartment decoration, advanced slut training (maybe even a blow-up boyfriend or 3), troves of blackmail material, and of course, deeper and more exquisite financial drainings, account control, and credit card ruination. It sounds like a lot, sure, but You’re quite confident You’ll convince me You know what’s best. Tone should be alternately playful/teasing/patronizing and bratty/haughty/humiliating. Don’t need a specific name to be used but “sissy/slut”, similar terms, and female pronouns are all great :)

Bisexual Training Sissification

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 05:27

For Tuk Soap Pubes Nude

This is a custom video. In this video I lather myself up with soap. I want to be nice and clean. Well I want my pubes to be nice and clean because I am sending them off to my #1 fan. This is a nude shower scene with lots of soap with and video of my shaving and packaging my pubes. Lots of up close ups!

topless cock tease Ass Tease JOI Shaving

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:03

Customized Cei - Max

The cum eater Max and I missed each other on webcam yesterday so I felt it was only proper to send him this reminder. Max, pump your cock and get ready to eat your load for goddess. Now suck it out of my carpet.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 06:30

Conditioned By My Heels

Like what you see? Long legs, sexy heels and an ass to explode for, this is a combination that will cause erections. You get weak when I dangle my heels. Drip when I turn around and tease with my calves, ass and thighs. Stroke and embed me into your brain.

foot fetish

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:45

The Card Game

In this high stakes game you risk your manhood just to get a glimpse of my breasts. High card, low card is the game. If I win you must endure three humiliation challenges and if you win I must spank my butt and expose my breasts. The best out of five wins!

topless games femdom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:04

Stinky Fee In Bodystocking

I have been wearing my heels ass day and my toes are so sweaty. I can feel how moist my feet are. My nylons are sliding around in my leather heels. It is time for a good foot rub. Thank goodness I have my footboy patiently waiting to serve me. My feet reek today and I can see that makes you incredibly hard. Go ahead and stroke to them while you smell and lick my feet. I give you permission to cum but not before describing the rest of your foot slut life for me in great detail.

foot fetish Soles Toe Wiggling pantyhose Foot Smother

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 12:30

Jerk To My Stinky Pantyhose

How hot does this bodystocking look on me? I love how it hugs my curves and exposes all my assets. You are weak for my nylon bodysuits. You throb watching me move from side to side as I encourage you to stroke. I know how badly you want to smell my feet and pussy in this stocking but you would explode immediately. Keep stroking to my gorgeous body and give into your primal urges. I want your orgasm for these stockings and I will milk it any way I want!

jerk off instruction Ass Tease JOI pantyhose

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:23

Finger Fucked

The title pretty much explains the next hour of your life. Being fucked by my finger. I masturbate and taste myself while describing in great detail how to please me. You will be left completely fucked around my finger :]

topless Pussy Worship Pussy Fingering

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:56

TBT Foot Pov Trash Talk

Throwback Thursday to 2016 when you did a bad job as our maid. You have not pleased your alphas. This is why you find yourself at our feet worshipping. I want you to lick our soles while we insult and talk bad about you. Go ahead get your worthless loser tongue between eat toe!

foot fetish Cuckolding

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh