play-button 06:47

Sissy Clit Stroke And Stretch

The title sums up this perfect sissy training clip. In this clip you suck, fuck and stroke for your goddess. A lethal combination for any new or old sissy. Grab your dildos and lube its time to train your holes and clit.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:31

Up Close Pussy Vs Multiple Cock

This is the ultimate test and mind fuck, can you handle it?

Bisexual Training Pussy Worship Dildo In Clip femdom Pussy Dildo Fucking

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 04:11

Nude Dance Tease

This song is my jam recently. It is slow and has a nice beat to it. Vocals are very dreamy, just like my body. Watch me showcase my assets while dancing around to a song I like.

topless Ass Tease JOI nude striptease

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 10:58

Pizza Eating Challenge

I am starving! I have been filming in skimpy bikinis all day and I must eat something. Usually I am not a glutenous person but I order a whole pizza! I begin eating slice after slice until my belly begins to balloon up. "Oh no what have I done?" I begin to freak out as my figure grows. At my second slice I begin to cough and complain about pains. I can tell my bikini is shrinking as I inhale my third slice. You entice me with money to try to eat as much as I can. I dont know how much more my belly can grow..

Role Play Food

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 03:22

Dance For My Country Boys

Calling all country boys. If you like Dierks Bentley and strip teases this will be the best $10 you've ever spent. Yee-haw!

topless nude striptease

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 21:47

Edged Into CEI By Stripper Heels -Custom

This clip was shot from multiple angles. I showcased my heels, legs, ass and body all while you helplessly stroke. I know your weakness is stripper heels and sampling your pre cum. Every time you see there is pre cum I want you to eat it up for me. Next I show off my short denim shorts and ass. This edging is getting intense isn't it? I count you down and fake you out multiple times. You have ingested enough pre cum to create a whole load. As we approach the 20 minute mark you lose it for me. Jerk your dick cum eater. Eat that orgasm up, that nice big orgasm of yours. Cum slut.

jerk off instruction foot fetish cock tease Ass Tease JOI edging

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:01

My Delicate Feet

There is nothing I enjoy more than showing off my delicate feet. Size 7.5. White toes. Wrinkled soles. This will overpower you. Your urges to submit to my feet will never be higher. You need them in your face, you hands, anywhere. I keep them just out of reach as I encourage you to stroke. I implant trigger words as I flick my toes, you drip. I scrunch my toes to display my soles, you beg to release. Not just yet foot boy, not until you look me in the year and say you are mine.

foot fetish Ass Tease JOI

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 05:23

Butt Bitch

Welcome to your ultimate ass training. Today you will take in my perfect tight holes. You will be instantly hooked on your goddess like never before. Come closer to experience complete ownership ;] *Full nude in clip.

goddess worship ass worship Ass Tease JOI nude Ass Smother

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 06:16

Cuckold Your Dad Hand Job

Your step mother, me, accidentally walks in on you attempting to masturbate. We are both in shock until step mother offers to help you. You have not mastered your domain yet and know you help. As a woman who satisfies your father, why wouldn't mother know best? We start with the basics until Mommy grabs your dick herself and shows you what she likes. Once you are fully erect and about to climax your step mom informs you she is "grooming you to take your fathers place". You have dreamed of this moment with your hot mom and now its finally happening, before you know it you are cumming all over her big tits and face. *Topless & Pussy Shot

fantasy topless Cuckolding Dildo In Clip Role Play

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:00

Lip Tease On Dildo

These lips were made to suck cock. Look how they wrap around this large dildo. My red lips pouting as they gently press more of the big dick in. Imagine this was you, could you take it? Look at my luscious lips, tell me you want them. How long could you last if I sucked you off? I bet not long, my pillowy soft pout will leave your ejaculating helplessly. Look me in the eye when Im teasing you.

cock tease Lip Fetish Dildo In Clip

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 06:19

Too Small For My Butt

While I was on cam today a fan asked me how big does a cock need to be to get past my ass. I grabbed a standard size pen to measure the from my pussy past my ass cheeks. It was the same size, meaning a minimum of 9 inches is a much if you want to hook up with me. Anyone under 9 inches couldn’t fulfill me. Does that include you? Let just see if you could “measure up” lol.

SPH ass worship Ass Tease JOI

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:40

Jerk While I Twerk

You have been asking to worship my ass and tongue my asshole for weeks. I finally allow you after I gobble up numerous pay checks from you. You want to move further than just my thong. You crave my asshole. You've never seen it but you know once you see it you will be hooked. You will be addicted. Once you see that tight, juicy hole you will be a Lindsey lover. I showcase my ass and encourage you to edge before I count you down. By the time we get to the end you are sweating, I reveal my asshole, you are in heaven. Without thinking you orgasm all over my ass. You belong to my ass now.

jerk off instruction topless ass worship Ass Tease JOI edging nude Pussy Worship Pussy

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:11

Create A Grindr

Hi all my bi experimental men, I have a special treat for you today. Me and a new app that is going to get you laid! I want you to download Grindr right now. This app is a hook up app for gay gentleman. This is perfect for you, let me walk you thru how to create a profile. Once you’ve created a profile and messaged some people I will allow you to cum. Not until then. This is how you fuck on the DL for me. Don’t you want to make princess happy and get your holes trained?

Bisexual Training

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 06:57

How Quickly You Become Hooked - Custom

This was shot for a customer who found me while I was on cam. He doesn't even have kinks.. until he met me. He now watches my cam 3x a week, sends regular tributes, votes in contests and now buys custom clip from me. I would say he is enter Lindseys rabbit hole willingly and will not be returning to life as he remembers. I playfully strip appealing to his senses while verbally I twist words to captivate his mind in a way no woman ever has. I begin to count him down knowing this is only the beginning.

jerk off instruction Tits edging nude Pussy Worship tit worship Pussy striptease

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:24


This is an online course designed for those who are new and old to financial domination. I teach you 5 simple tricks to maintaining a budget for me. You will learn to move your money and adjust your spending habits to meet my personal financial needs. This course must be watched three times a week to receive perfect attendance. By the end of week 3 you will see the fruits of your labor in extra income to spend on me. To receive an A+ you will need to put aside $400 a month for 12 months, totaling $4,800 annually to spend on me. If you have the dedication you will find yourself happier and closer to your goddess by month six.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 14:25

From Friend To Pegged

You volunteer to help me shoot a clip for a fan. In this clip I need to peg someone, the only problem is I have not done this before. I need to practice my "pegging skills". You offer up your asshole. I show you my strap-on, you feel your penis rising. "I looked into my clip sales before you came over and discovered, you've purchased many of my imposed bi clips, do you recognize this strap-on?" I ask. We both know you do. Soon you realize you are going from friend to sub. I humiliate you which only makes you more horny for me. I spit into your asshole before I fuck it. "Stroke your cock while I fill up your hole" I command. You willingly begin stroking and dripping pre-cum the more gaped your ass becomes. "You only cum when I cum slut, were not friends anymore! You are my bitch now!" I repeat. You nod your head knowing this is your place now, bent over on the floor gaped and covered in your own cum.

jerk off instruction Bisexual Training Dildo In Clip

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 08:30

Horny Boy For My Ass

You are such a horn dog for big butts. You cant get enough of them, look at your search history. I do not plan to help this "problem" I plan to exploit it. Start stroking to my curvy butt. I bench, stretch, shake and queeze my ass until you are a blundering cum towel. Enjoy your addiction.

jerk off instruction ass worship Ass Tease JOI

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 11:29

Lindsey Horny Boy

You know I wake up every day with the intention to get no less than 20 men off. Yes, you read correctly, I am that good at being a seductress. This cock tease is for all my horny boys out there who need me in order to cum. This clip includes topless titties sure to make you explode way before I say "orgasm". I like taking control of a cock, sit back, relax and let me have your body.

jerk off instruction cock tease Ass Tease JOI edging

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 07:41

Personalized Love Spell - Custom

Topless sensual seduction by your seductress, me.

jerk off instruction goddess worship Sensual Domination

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 04:48

She Is The Other Woman

Thats right, your wife, girlfriend, whatever you call her, she is your side piece. I am your true girlfriend. I am the woman in your life that comes first before anyone else. Don't be desperate and waste your time with her when you have perfection to be adored sitting in front of you. I want to be your only sexual attraction. The only one you spend money on. I am your main and treated better than ALL the rest.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 14:06

Stroke To Lindsey

In this h y p n o t i c jerk off instruction I push you to the edge. I showcase my amazing body, being sure to highlight even the slightest curve. My goal is to seduce and b r a i n w a s h you to only stroke for me. I expose supple breasts and begin encouraging a huge load. You can not help but pump and pleasure yourself at the site of me. You only stroke for Lindsey. Only I know how to pleasure you properly. I am the only goddess worth worshipping. I am your divine and seductive muse who needs to milk you. Weaken for a true goddess and lose yourself in Lindsey.

jerk off instruction goddess worship Sensual Domination edging

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:01

Spandex Ass Shake

I love my new gym outfit. These leggings fit me perfectly. Look at how they wrap around my curves, really highlighting my booty. Watch the leaves on my new gym pants shake as I twerk from side to side. When you need a break I lean over and shake my tits in your face. No break for you, jerk off for me. I know you can not resist exploding for these extra tight spandex, go ahead, unload for me. Be prepared for extreme ass bouncing.

jerk off instruction ass worship Ass Tease JOI

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 02:06

Pre Worship Gratitude - Custom

This is a 2 minute "thank you" to all those fans who worship me an hour or more a day. Watch this before your jerk off session to fall for me even more!

goddess worship

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:34

Full Service Flight Attendant

Welcome to your private flight with your full service flight attendant. Lindsey is here with your blanket. What happens under the blanket, stays in the blanket. Sit back relax and enjoy my blow job & pussy spreading. Full nude.

Pussy Worship Pussy Role Play blowjob Handjob

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 10:08

Wednesday Addams Takes Advantage Of You

Similar to the Halloween classic I embrace Wednesday Addams attitude. She takes over men, humiliates them, tortures them and convinces them to do things they never would before. I mix all of this to create a dynamic jerk off experience. We meet after school and I ask you for my notes, you seem confused as this is our first conversation. Its raining and your flustered by my beauty all you can do is stare helplessly into my eyes. You are immediately hooked and would give me anything I wanted. After I coax the notes out of you I humiliate and lightly torture you, I know humans can't take a lot of pain. Jerk off while you bleed it turns me on. In the middle of the woods bare ass you cum for me locked in a gaze. "I need to sacrifice a virgin tonight" I say and I think thats gonna be you. I walk towards you as the scene ends in darkness.

jerk off instruction humiliation femdom

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 04:56

5 Day Lock

Locking is my favorite part of key holding. Hearing that lock snap down trapping your dick in chastity is so satisfying. I enjoy having slaves cocks locked, it helps you focus on me and work. I like a man who is driven to please me and not just for "sex". Yes, I am in a bikini but do you need to be stroking to enjoy my body? No you do not. The next five days are going to prove to me I am more than just a sex object to you.


Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:13

Daddy Help Me Cheat Part 2

I have been working out at the gym all day. I wore a skimpy outfit and was sure to call attention to myself. My stupid ex boyfriend didn't even notice me and I am heartbroken. You know what Dad? I have been going at this all wrong, you are the only man for me. "Daddy, let me please you". I begin stroking and sucking your cock. I did not anticipate such a huge dick so I c h o k e during. I can not fit that in my tight pussy so I encourage you to stroke and finish on my ass.

Role Play blowjob Handjob

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:42

Homewrecked By An Egg

In this custom request for M I make him put an egg in his wife-cow pillow and hump it until it cracks leaking yolk everywhere. I don't stop there in my home wrecking, I make him cum on the pillow and a photo of his wife! I am such a brat!

jerk off instruction humiliation Homewrecker

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 09:09

JW Personalized Conditioning

In this clip I seduce a fan 'JW' to further his addiction to me. He owns 200+ clips and wants to be brainwashed into buying more. He needs to stroke for his only goddess Lindsey. The only woman who can make him cum without a touch. I show off my curves knowing the mesmerizing effect it has on JW. Conditioning leads to a cum countdown of submission and agreement to buy more clips of mine.

jerk off instruction goddess worship cock tease Sensual Domination

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh

play-button 04:47

Bed Tease

Worship your goddess as she rolls around her bed. Scene includes background music (mellow beats) and sensual tease.

goddess worship Sensual Domination

Featuring: Lindsey Leigh