IPA, Costumes & Dick

2017-10-27 01:01:22

Hi everyone!

Im back.. 

Ready, Set, Read.


As you have all noticed on my twitter page @mylindseyleigh I have been hanging out with the gorgeous Evelyn Milano lately. She is so adorably full of knowledge and has officially become my dad. She can fix anything, handy woman woot woot! On Friday I was craving Hop Alley and gossip. Naturally I called Evelyn and we cruised down and were later joined by "PB" pretty boy. I needed to dish about my sexcapades from the night before. Let me tell you.. he's getting a blog. Evelyn and I bounced around districts with smiles on our faces. PB shows up during dinner leaving me speechless. He is in love with her and its so obvious. Its like that stare, awkward half smile, subbish, admirable look in his eyes. I wish I could explain it, but he clearly wants some of that. When the bill is dropped Bryson immediately pays for it. I made him call the restaurant and pay on his credit card. Talk about embarrassing haha, not even there and paying via phone, I looked like a spoiled brat. Team don't care. I even got myself a shirt because he said he was paying. Yolo.


The next day I played with my GF Darebear. DB invited me to the Colorado Springs Beer, Wine and Liquor showcase. It was bomb. We got VIP tickets and basically tried every tent humanly possible to walk to. As you know I am a huge IPA fan and they had so much selection. I have a Buddha belly for sure. It was Halloween themed, we did not dress to theme as you can see below. After the show we got dinner at this fabulous BBQ place in Mantua Springs. For those who know me, I love games. Its true. We hit the penny arcade. Be warned its not a penny its $.25+, I miss the good old days. We crushed a couple games then heading back to her place. We watched movies and smoked weed half naked. He boyfriend was also in the bed with us. He was the meat and Ill leave you to fantasize about that. Lucky man. He could have slept on the couch but stayed, I will also let you fantasize about that one for a minute. Look at my pictures! Im so god damn cute!



















The next day we cruised to a Haunted House. Note to self, I hate haunted houses. Seriously I was freaked the fuck out, my shoulders are still hella tense from certain death. I don't scare easy visually but when someone jumps out and screams two inches away from your ear.. how do you not scream? Ruthless, just ruthless. I don't want to think about it, Im just glad they didn't touch me and turn it into some scary porn. Gross.

Speaking of, I need a massage like badly. Please I did not enjoy that, I need a massage, you can send you love via gift card here: https://handstone.boomtime.com/lgift I can't film and be hot if I am in pain..just saying. Be a good boy. I want everyone pitching in even if its just $10, follow thru is the most important thing to me followed by a devotion message. mylindseyleigh@gmail.com hit that.


I released a new clip this week (I know Ill try to shoot more Ive been busy getting dicked down by a handsome man) You guys clearly like it because it is selling like crazy. I want that clip to spread like wild fire. To everywhere, everyone needs it, go get that shit. Ive never done a topless foot tease before oddly enough they are my top selling categories. Should have noticed that sooner, I got you guys now! I felt so sexy shooting this. Seriously my boobs never stop amazing me, they are perfect. Round, soft, snuggly, perky, grabbable, big and my nipples.. I need to stop and you need to go here and check this shit out: https://iwantclips.com/store/148/Lindsey-Leigh/724878/Topless-Foot-JOI



Well thats all I got, oh I got my hair done, like it?

Ready, set, get your horny on with Lindsey Leigh!