Its Only Been 7 Days

2017-09-29 23:06:23


So its official Evelyn Milano and I have met and falled in love. She is my new gal pal and our clips are so hot! Like seriously, our CEI clip on her page is epic. Though I must admit my foot boys will love the 7.5 to 9.5 sole comparison.


Here are some photos, snapchats and boomerangs of us. I must admit... we are wicked!

Check this damage:


^we like to see each other naked. If you support this send $10 using to both &^





^Can not wait to release this beatdown clip Evelyn shot for me, seriously she is a videographer master. Send her another $10 for my amazing clip that Im having so much fun editing and making into a masterpiece! ->





Clearly I am the goofy one, she just sits there and looks pretty!





What can I say.. 2 slaves servicing us in only 7 days.. next week this my be 4 slaves over 7 days. Check out fetlife to schedule a meet up!

Evelyn Fetlife

Lindsey Fetlife

Add us both, we update and there is no reason you can't serve online, text, phone, cam or in person.. true story bro.



^Lindsey slave, as you can tell he is a flustered idiot around me and clearly dismissed.^


^Evelyn slave cooked us dinner, he's a chef. We watched some Ricky Bobby and sipped Malbec. He is seriously the best find ever! Buddy pass, email it to me! and a nice cabin for Evelyn and I to shoot in and snuggle in.


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Afternoon Delight W/ Evelyn Milano

Ive invited you over to serve me today. I thought I had trained you well. How hard is it to lick a foot? Worship a foot? Massage a high arch at the end of the day? Not only do I expect you to do my errand boy work, I expect you to service my girlfriends as well. So I want you to lick our feet. I want you to jerk for them. Mainly we ignore you and gossip until you begin convulsing and making noise. You think we want to here the lube or spit glide across you're dick while you have a seizure? I must admit a long, drawn out countdown is what you deserve. Lets see you really flop around like a foot boy needing to cum. The addiction consumes you, you black out and before you know it you awake... to me instructing you on your afternoon chores while Evelyn Milano and I relax. Immediately you get on your feet, blinded and completely mind fucked, your mind only set on the next chore at hand. ****


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Entertainment ft. Lindsey Leigh

I've invited someone over today, and you my little cum slut, are going to entertain her!  Guess who? That's right, gorgeous Lindsey Leigh! I've told her all about your cum guzzling expertise.  Lindsey is ready to watch you put on a show for her, while we both laugh at you!  Get ready to whiten those teeth of yours with your cum load!  Cream your twinkie, then swallow every drop of it.  After all, jerking is only permitted if it degrades you and is humiliating!  Slurp and glug glug glug it down!



Anyways I am having so much fun with my new girl crush, if you're in the Denver area or want to fly us out we would certainly be interested...