On The New, New.

2017-09-26 18:30:01

Hi Losers, missed me? Of course you did. What's not to miss? Well I have some good news for you- I have a ton of new material for you guys and theres something for all of you sick bitches. One will be uploaded every Monday, and then another on Wednesday or Thursday...so make sure you keep checking my social medias to keep up so you don't miss out on a new clip. BUY CLIPS HERE




Because after all, just look at how much fun this all is? Who could resist this?




Theres even some foot play for all of you nasty foot perverts just begging to jerk to my little piggies.





I also have a new VIP twitters that you guys can subscribe to. It's one of my best bundles yet, so don't miss out on all my exclusive, extra sexy content. $100 of a lifetime subscription that you'll never want to miss.




I'll have new slave applications to send out and even more clips, photosets, and assignments. You can't escape Lindsey Leigh, but why would you ever want to? I am your one true Goddess, and your ultimate weakness. You will never be able to escape me. You are trapped for the rest of your life. Never to roam free because all of your deepest desires are with me. Isn't it beautiful?