Do Not Ever Let Me Wear Hotel

2017-09-18 04:20:26

     My first encounter with Lindsey Leigh was first through FetLife, I read here profile stating she wanted a house/film slave and to email her for anybody who wanted to apply. I began to email here and stated what I can provide and how interested I wanted to be in her service. She then gave me her contact number and wanted me to meet up with her at a bar where we would enjoy a couple of drinks and see if we have the same chemistry. We set up to meet on Friday the 30th of June at The Atomic Cowboy. Upon meeting her, she showed excitement to see me and was full of joy. We sat at the bar table we and began discussing about what we enjoy in fetishes and talking about our personal experience. Durning that time, I was completely vexed with her beauty and her down to earth personally. Unfortunately her did have to leave because she needed to do a hypnosis video for her many fans. After I paid my out bar tab, I walked her back to her car we discussed possibilities of shooting a video scene with her. After that I didn't just feel the excitement of serving Lindsey Leigh, I also grew an affection for her, as if Cupid came down and pierced my heart with his bow.



      That night I became completely love struct by her and began to fantasize about my next encounter with her. The Issue was she was super busy with shooting clips and taking many trips. I also saw that she had a lot of fines that need te paid, when she showed me through Snapchat was all her fines in regard to a scooter accident he had. Thats when I first decided to giver her money towards her debt in hopes that she let me see her as well as buying her a bodysuit and leather gloves. On a last minute she invited me to come to her home. I got super excited and had the thought that I was going to get lucky tonight. When I came over, I helped clean her house gave her a massage. When It came to nighttime, we began discussing idea of making shooting a live video for her fan to see as a reward for my financial support to her. What I did next almost destroyed the Goddess/Slave relationship I just started to build with her. Before I left for the night I ask her we could have sex on camera, she expressed to me she doesn't sleep with her slave, I then ask about blowjobs and having me eat her out. Thats when she screamed to the top of her lungs at me never to ask me that again. As I left I felt ashamed and hope that this would just boil over. On Monday, I ask if she wanted to still do a live video stream with me and her reply made my heart drop to the floor. She expressed how creeped out and insulted she was when I repeatedly ask for sex with her and said that our vision of this amrelationship wasn't the same.  Also you guys can thank me for that "Leather, Tits, and JOI" video.


         Even thought I was down I didn't want to give up just yet, I ask for a second chance. Then I realized she just stated she isn't comfortable around me. Thats when I decided to stand down from being her personal slave until Im able to control myself. Two weeks I did just that. then her birthday was coming and so many people were buying her gifts. At first I wanted to buy her a golden dipped rose and a gold sapphire ring, but Goddess stated that too fancy and were not in love. She did mention that she did want a table and chair set that was a total of 1600 dollars. A week later I bought it for her, and she was overjoyed. Later that night she would invite me to her place again tomorrow afternoon and made it abundantly clear that she has boundaries and doesn't want to be creeped out in her own home. Then she gave me a list of things we will be doing tomorrow. That next day came the birth of a new Clip "Friday Night with Lindsey" I had a great time that night.


         Lindsey Leigh Informed me that she is having surgery on her birthday and wanted me to take care of her during her recovery from which I gladly accepted to do. One week prior to her birthday she told me that she was going to in the Colorado Springs( thats where I live) and wanted to help me out with her trip to Crested Butte for her birthday weekend with her friend. I bought her a carrot cake, a bottle of Champaign, Vodka, and other necessities for her trip. The Final part is when I took Goddess and her friend out to lunch at Marigolds from there she placed her foot to my leg and told her to massage it.


           Finally its the Night before her surgery and Im at her house again, we have a set plan that I will taking her to the hospital and her brother will take her back home. During that night she wanted me to find videos of how to give out a good massage. I did find those videos and massage he as the videos instructed me to do and she absolutely loved it. She came back home and was completely drugged out from the operation. But the next morning I continued to look after her, also this was the day when her dad and uncle arrived so I got into my car and picked them both up from the airport. When I brought them to her,  It was the true highlight of a day spending in physical pain. Today Ive been giving her another massage, bringing her food and water,  now i've written this BLOG for you hopefull submissives to read and learn from.