Launch Of Lindsey Leigh VIP!

2018-01-09 23:18:04

Glad to say MY updated members site is here. For years, I have been looking for ways to not only better myself but the industry. As a model, my members site is a way to express myself, display content, interact with fans and produce a genuine experience.

Please enjoy my websites new content, features and communication tools brought to you by AdultMemberSite.Com. Their system and service has given me a platform to display and sell "me" to the world.

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So here it is..

I'm Lindsey Leigh and I am DOPE. I’ve been an online dominatrix, world traveler, weed enthusiast and self-proclaimed bad ass for 28 years. I have:

travelled the globe - partied – mentored – adopted - fundraised for local/international non-profit organizations - used drugs - lived in LA/NYC - had more orgies than boyfriends - saved for retirement - paid too much in taxes - made enemies - made friends - found myself - been pretty -been ugly - discovered my fans and I have a shit ton in common - licked feet - had my feet licked - been to jail - been a nudist - had that “talk” with the doctor - cursed in church - grown marijuana – found sunsets  -  being a snow bunny -  using Pinterest -  lived in a group home – stripped - covered myself in tattoos - drank too much, been in love, been heartbroken – been stolen from – been lied to – been happy - been horny  - bought a car - bought a home - overall outdoorsman - been embarrassed - literally "Boston cream pied" a man 56 times - made bad jokes -  been a comic genius - have a great smile - owned more dildos than purses -  shoes – prefer mountains over beach - family/friends/travel/pets over money ALL DAY - cum generator - ball stomper – teasing men is life - eye winker and firm believer in the "Do You Way Of Life".

With all that said, I am still a brat. In our world, you live to please me. Cleaning, vacations, shopping, jewelry, gift cards, dresses, old whiskey, boats... anything I ask for, you provide willingly. By joining my members site, you are entering OUR world.

-Lindsey Leigh