Super Bowl Over

Interactive game for Super Bowl 2018 (see my social media) . According to Las Vegas odds, this game is gonna be under 69 points, let hope its not! This is the hotter clip. Lets play another game, red light green light. Every time I say green light, you stroke. Every time I say red light, you stop stroking. This edging will be hard as I pick the perfect red light moments to expose myself. Are you dripping yet? Bent over I pull my panties to my thighs, green light! I know you're turned on now, what are you waiting for? *contains full nudity*


Honeymoon Hook

It has been days since we last fucked. We are both incredibly horny and relieved all the wedding bullshit is over. From the bachelorette/bachelor parties to the wedding to finally flying down for our honeymoon.. you can say Im a bit worked up. This is our first night as man and wife, can you believe it? Lets fuck babe! *Contains Nudity-Topless*


Practice With An Edge

This is an intense 15 minute edge session with Lindsey. I know you are used to cumming in under 5, but not today. Today you are going to tease your cock until it literally can not take one more pump. You will be holding back, you will struggle, but your goddess does not care. You will stroke fast and vigorously until I allow you to cum. (You will need to beg. You will need to fight your urge. You will need more Lindsey)


I Want More Sex

Once is not enough for me, I want more and more until I am sore. Now its time for round two! Slowly I strip and have you stroke. Your balls have not been sufficiently drained. When I get done with you I want them to be raisins! *Contains nudity-Topless*


My Type Of Man

This clip is not made for the submissive. This clip is a challenge to my "alpha, dominant, in charge" type of man. Ive clearly dominated the fetish industry but that is an easy challenge, the men are weak. I am expanding my horizon and looking to seduce a real male. Im hot and sexy AF, you want to get off to me, but lets make it different than porn surfing. Lets make this something intimate between you and I. Pushing your boundaries and mine I slowly exxxpose myself encouraging you to stroke. As I count you down the camera zooms as close to my perfect pussy as possible while you cum covering it completely. After I offer you my lacy white g-string to buy, the perfect collectors item from this play. You may not be a sub or "into that kind of stuff" but you are a Lindsey Leigh fan. *Contains: Topless scenes(extended) and up-close pussy worship.


Intoxicating Fishnets

Deep within you, there is a submissive man. One i intend to release. You present yourself as a strong alpha male but I know I can release you. You can try to fight but the hornier you get the weaker you become. Sip after sip you take me down attempting to suppress yourself. You are nothing but a man, always will be, I know just how to get what I want from you. Sipping until you are dizzy and pliable. With no convincing at all you become what I want you to be. You agree to whatever I place into your spinning mind especially me. You are all mine now.



It could not be more accurate. You think you are going to watch the game? Not with me here!


10 Min In Heaven

It is every fans dream to be smothered beneath my ass. Slaves beg from across oceans to have their last breath taken by my holes. This is slave Bryson, he will do anything for me but he is also a raging pervert. The only way I am sitting on this losers face is if he is tied down, stuffed and duck taped. He agrees to any and all demands in order to be strapped down in my presence. Since I do not particularly like him I begin to trample him. He is plushy and unfit, he makes a better chair. I sit and shove my soles into his face. Smothering his face with my feet I can not help but talk shit about him. After I fill his mouth with sock and cover his mouth I sit on his face. I inform him that this is a honor, one he needs to be thankful for every single day. I drench him with spit to show he is beneath me before leaving him on the floor while I clean him off my goddess body.

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My Birthday In Crested Butte

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Lindsey Leighs Sexy Super Bowl Game

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Super Bowl is here, finally. (I enjoy a good beer and sports.) This Sunday I will be releasing two Super Bowl themed clips. There will be a "winning" and "losing" clip which are determined by the over under of the game. Both clips have been pre recorded to release 2/4/18 at 2pm MST. While watching the game keep your rules and score board near by. This is an interactive game where neither party will know the outcome until the end of game. Enhance your game day experience by mixing football and femdom. -LL

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